Parents/Guardians: Be a Part of the Play!!

Parent Volunteers are a large part of the play production. Thousands of volunteer hours are needed to create and A+ production.  All those hours come from Adult Volunteers.  There is a volunteer part for every parent/guardian.  The time commitment varies on the availability of the volunteer.  

Benefits of Volunteering

Get to know your child's friends

See the artistic growth of the play participants

Get to know parents/guardians at Western Hills

Understand the complex awesomeness of the play

Where you YOU Volunteer?

  • Practice Chaperone (Wrangler): Assist in creating an effective play practice.  Students need direction to maintain focus on their parts in the play.  Time is needed during rehearsals on Sundays, September through November, and EVERY DAY during tech week and during performances in November.
  • Costumes: Sewing, shopping, and creativity are needed to make awesome costumes for all students in the play.  Time can be donated while you work at home.  Time is also needed during dress rehearsals, performances, and costume check-in after the last show.
  • Set Construction: Help is needed putting the set together.  Time is needed on special weekend build days, and then tech week and performances.
  • Play Props: Help us find, inventory and manage backstage props.  You will be assisted by the student backstage help, the Stage Ninjas.
  • Promotions and Hospitality: This group works with the student volunteers to help promote the play and welcome visitors.  Help is needed making and distributing posters and handbills, ushering and handing out programs, creating and writing thank you notes and more.
  • Fundraising Party: Volunteers are needed in the months of September, October and November to assist in advertising and assisting with kid-friendly fundraising opportunities.
  • Cast and Crew Party: Parents/Guardians are needed to volunteer to organize a celebratory party.
  • Hair and Make-Up: For dress rehearsals and all play performances, volunteers are needed to assist play performers in "getting into character" by doing their hair and make-up.
  • Advertising: Assistance is needed during cast photos, T-Shirt ordering, photo ordering, etc. Volunteers are needed September through November.
  • Tech Week Meals: Assist with setting up and serving Tech Week meals.  Volunteer spots are available every day of Tech Week.