Reminders for an effective rehearsal:

  • For those who have scripts, please be sure to bring them until you are "off book" (you have your lines memorized)
  • Be sure to bring a pencil
  • Arrive on time = 5 minutes earlier than posted start time, so we can end on time.  For Wednesday rehearsals, this means you do not have time to go home and get back to school before we start at 3:15.
  • Wear comfy clothes that allow you to move freely. Layers are a good idea, as the temperatures in the building fluctuate on non-school days (some rooms are cold; others too warm).
  • Wear sneakers or lightweight snug-fitting shoes rather than sandals or flip flops
  • Be sure to bring a water bottle (no other beverages please) to every practice
  • Feel free to bring a healthy snack if you like; we will take full snack breaks during practices lasting longer than 2 hours
  • Bring a book, sketchpad, homework, or other quiet work if you like; no electronics, please.

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